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Privacy policy
Compliance with Laws and Regulations
Management System for Personal Information Protection
Protection of Private Information
Strictness and Security of Personal Information
Inquiry Response
Rules for International Movement of Personal Information
KAWASO Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (KAWASO), defines personal data as an important asset, endeavors to protect it from the viewpoint of respecting ones privacy as social responsibility, and effectively utilizes it in our business activities.
KAWASO protects personal data based on following basic policy, and takes measures for all employees and concerned persons to obtain this privacy policy.
KAWASO strictly observes "Private information Protection Law", other relevant laws and regulations that Japanese government has established.
KAWASO ensures that all the board members and employees recognize importance of personal information protection, and has established the "Management Systems for Personal Information Protection" (This system is including policy, regulation, procedures, framework, plan, execution, check, audit and review, in order to protect individual right and/or profits in consideration of the availability of personal information.), which is implemented, maintained, and continuously improved by KAWASO.

KAWASO, in accordance with "Private information Protection Law", other relevant laws and regulations, has established applicable management framework for personal data protection considered business content and scale for development, manufacturing and selling such as business instruments, cameras and optical equipments. KAWASO responds to requests from concerned persons for disclosure and correction of personal data, while obtaining, using, keeping and providing private information appropriately.
KAWASO uses personal data restrictively for achieving specified purposes, and takes measures to maintain such approach.
To ensure the strictness and security of Personal information, KAWASO strives to prevent unauthorized access to personal data or loss or damage or the alteration or leakage, and also rectifies these problems, while maintaining accuracy and up-to-date of personal data, considering risks on keeping personal data and taking rational security measures from both of ICT and organizational system for control.
(ICT: Information and Communication Technology)
KAWASO appropriately and rapidly responds to complaints and consultations from concerned persons in personal data and "Management System for Personal Information Protection".
In the event of supplying personal data abroad or receiving it form other countries than Japan, KAWASO strictly observes laws and regulations of relevant countries and/or areas.

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