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Since its foundation, Kawaso has aggressively expanded its operations overseas, including the European, US and Asian markets. Recent years have seen remarkable technological innovation, notably in the areas of software, systemization and computerization. Amid this, we have consistently enjoyed a high reputation among overseas users for our high-accuracy, high- quality products and services, and established ourselves as a reliable brand of measuring instruments. We strive for further progress by placing renewed emphasis on R&D and technological prowess from a global perspective, so we can quickly and precisely meet the need of the world.

Europe Branch
Jo Vincentlaan 16,1187HD,Amstelveen,The Netherlands Kawaso Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd Europe Branch

Shiga Factory
264,Onuma,Makino-cho,Takashima,Shiga, 520-1824 JAPAN
TEL.+81-740-27-1333 / FAX.+81-740-27-0486
The Shiga Factory is our main production facility of probes that measure the temperature of molten metals, detect components and collect samples for analysis. Our probes offer measuring solutions essential to iron and steel production processes around the world, including Japan, Asia, Europe, South America and Australia. We were the first in the industry to obtain ISO 9001 certification for probes, further testifying to the high level of quality control provided by our in-house production equipment.

Kyoto Factory
43-2,shimonaraokugaito,Yawata,Kyoto, 614-8124 JAPAN
TEL.+81-75-982-0551 / FAX.+81-75-982-0548
The Kyoto Factory is responsible for a broad range of products including thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors (contact thermometers), and non-contact infrared thermometers, which provide temperature measurement solutions for virtually every industrial sector. With our proprietary quality- control system used throughout the entire production process, from machining to final assembly, this ISO 9001-certified factory uses highly-reliable processing technology to produce small lots of products designed to meet a multitude of customer needs

Kashima Sales Office
21,shinhama,Kashima,Ibaraki 314-0013 JAPAN
TEL.+81-299-83-1114 / FAX.+81-299-82-0683
Kashima Center
21,Shinhama,Kashima,Ibaraki 314-0013 JAPAN
TEL.+81-299-83-1028 / FAX.+81-299-82-0683
Kimitsu Sales Office
4-1-19,Nishisakata,Kimitsu,Chiba, 299-1145 JAPAN
TEL.+81-439-54-6385 / FAX.+81-439-54-6395
Tokyo Sales Office
3-23-11-1201,Nishishinbashi,Minato-ku,Tokyo 105-0003 JAPAN
TEL.+81-3-5403-7215 / FAX.+81-3-5403-6298
Nagoya Sales Office
5-3,Tokaicho,Tokai,Aichi 476-0015 JAPAN
TEL.+81-52-603-7717 / FAX.+81-52-603-7716
Nagoya Service Center
5-3,Tokaicho,Tokai,Aichi 476-0015 JAPAN
TEL.+81-52-604-7420 / FAX.+81-52-603-7716
Osaka Sales Office
1-7-10,Nishihonmachi,Nishi-ku,Osaka 550-0005 JAPAN
TEL.+81-6-6535-5931 / FAX.+81-6-6535-0040
Wakayama Sales Office
2-12-30,Minato,Wakayama 640-8404 JAPAN
TEL.+81-73-455-1442 / FAX.+81-73-455-1263
Wakayama Center
1850,Minato,Wakayama 640-8404 JAPAN
TEL.+81-73-455-4146 / FAX.+81-73-455-4146
Chushikoku Sales Office
2-25-4,Minamizaohcho,Fukuyama,Hiroshima 721-0973 JAPAN
TEL.+81-84-959-6093 / FAX.+81-84-959-6094
Kitakyusyu Sales Office
1-20-16-2 Nakabaruhigashi,Tobata,Kitakyushu,Fukuoka 804-0012 JAPAN
TEL.+81-93-883-6536 / FAX.+81-93-883-6546
Oita Sales Office
2-7-2 Lofthouse Yoshida-A,Mukaibarunish,Oita 870-0905 JAPAN
TEL.+81-97-547-8901 / FAX.+81-97-551-6610
Research and Development Department
1-7-10,Nishihonmachi,Nishi-ku,Osaka 550-0005 JAPAN
TEL.+81-6-6535-5961 / FAX.+81-6-6535-5962
Research and Development Department Kyoto Laboratory
43-2,shimonaraokugaichi,Yawata,Kyoto, 614-8124 JAPAN
TEL.+81-75-971-0733 / FAX.+81-75-971-0667
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