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Kawaso Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Kawaso Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., a time-honored manufacturer of industrial temperature measuring instruments, Kawaso has tapped into the wealth of experience, technology and know-how it has amassed over some fifty years to develop and manufacture measuring instruments that cater to the needs of the times. Measuring technology plays a vital role in many manufacturing processes and at many facilities. Thus, accurate, reliable measurement is essential to the efficient production of high-quality, value-added products. The ongoing and rapid changes in the world's industrial and social systems are making measurement needs increasingly more advanced and complicated. Based on time-honored measurement principles, we are committed to providing highly accurate, stable measurement systems and engineering methods that satisfy a diverse range of needs-true to our motto of "Everything can be measured." A specialist in measurement, Kawaso offers highly reliable total solutions that address a variety of measurement-related issues.

Through the supply of measuring instruments, sensors and electrical instrumentation, Kawaso contributes to both industrial and social development and to the earth's environmental conservation by assisting in the manufacture and operation of goods and equipment that support our everyday lives. In manufacturing processes, even the slightest temperature differences can affect product quality, resulting in lower work efficiency as well as loss of materials and fuels. This is also true for environmental conservation, as process temperature control is essential to the reduction of dioxin and CO2 emissions. At large industrial plants, hospitals, public facilities, and office buildings, demand is increasing for control systems that provide energy savings, comfort and security. Continuously responding to costomer needs and combining our ideas allows Kawaso to provide high-reliability products, solutions and service that ensure customer operations are highly efficient, stable and safe.

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