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2009 Kyushu branch Oita sales office established.
2007 The 50th anniversary.
2005 Share in PYRO of India acquired.
2004 ISO 9001 : 2000 certification for probes, thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors integrated into "industrial temperature measuring instruments".
2002 Plumbing Works License
(authorized by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) acquired.
2001 ISO 9001 : 2000 accreditation for thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors.
1999 HICOM founded in China.
1997 The 40th anniversary.
New head office building completed.
1996 Began business with Ircon USA.
ISO 9001 accreditation for sensor probe.
1995 General agency agreement with Land Pyrometers UK terminated.
1994 Nagoya sales office established.
1991 Kwaso M.S. Co., Ltd. founded.
1988 Capital increased to \90 million.
1987 The 30th anniversary, the company history edited, CI introduced.
New Technology Research Laboratory completed.
Capital increased to \60 million.
1986 Matsuo service center completed.
1984 Kyoto factory completed.
1983 Tokyo sales office established.
1982 DV sensor technical license given to other manufacturers.
1980 Kimitsu sales office established.
1979 Nagoya service center established.
1976 Okochi memorial production prize awarded.
(Sublance Sensor Probe for steel-making DV Brand)
1975 Shiga factory completed.
Capital increased to \30 million.
1970 Kitakyushu sales office established.
Capital increased to \20 million.
1969 Kagoshima sales office established.
1959 Wakayama sales office established.
1957 Foreign Trading and Instrumentation departments become independent, succeeding the name of Kawaso Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. with a starting capital of \5 million.
1956 Instrumentation department established.
Started trading with Pyrotenax UK.
1952 Foreign Trading department established.
Started trading with Sheffield UK. (thermocouple business)
Started trading with Land Pyrometers UK as the general agency in Japan to begin sales of radiation thermometers.
1875 Sokichi Kawamoto founded Kawaso Pottery Works in the ceramic town of Seto city, Aichi prefecture, starting manufacture and sales of pottery and ceramics.
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